image To commission a sculpture, Kim will want to have a conversation with the client to establish an understanding of the work. The size, subject, pose, expression, photographs, and placement of the final piece will be discussed to help determine the medium and cost. Afterward, a first session will be scheduled.

Kim prefers to work from life, but can also produce fine work using photographs and video when the subject is not available for sittings.

During the first session, Kim will meet the subject and client to catch a glimps of the nature of the commission. She may sketch or photograph the subject.

During the second session, Kim will present a maquette, a small scale model featuring the composition for approval. During this session the composition, medium and size of the finished piece will be determined. A price will be set. An approximate delivery date will be given and a contract will be signed. One half of the total cost of the commission is due at this time for work to continue.

Additional sittings with the subject will be requested. The client will have the opportunity to review the piece before completion to discuss, critique or request changes.

After completion, the sculpture can be reviewed by the client before the molding process begins.

Final delivery will depend on medium choice.

A presentation of the finished sculpture will be made for the client. The remaining balance is due at this time. If the medium chosen involves a mold, the mold will remain at Kim's studio in the event the client wishes to have additional casts made. Additional casts are more affordable because the initial sculpting and mold work has already been completed.

Please contact Kim Marchesseault if you would like to commission a figurative sculpture or portrait.