Finding Meaning


Interviews and insight from others about Kim's work.

Regarding PTSD healing through sculpture

PTSD Combat on "PTSD Sculpture Therapy: One Woman's Clay Journal"

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Health Journeys on "PTSD healing through sculpture"
"Purposeful forms. Living." Dr. Mike Colson, author of "In Irons" and founder of
"Your pieces tell an incredible tale of the soul finding strength in adversity." Ilona Meagher, author of "Moving a Nation to Care" and editor of PTSD Combat
"Kim, your sculptures are wonderful. All best wishes & continued success." Belleruth Naparstek, author of "Invisible Heroes"
"Good work and an interesting journey. You can really see recovery in those." Glen Williams, Way2Hope
Regarding "Faith"
"My group and I all felt that the blankness of the sculpture - and the grasping nature of the form - dove tailed our own spiritual pursuits. We also saw opposites: woman vs man, beauty vs. hard and unattractive, down vs. up and fighting, and more. Stimulated much conversation on who we've become - made to become - via combat trauma. Now, as one member commented; we need to figure out what/who to grab on to. Amen!" Dr. Mike Colson , author of "In Irons" and founder of